How to Be Happy: 5 Things that Actually Work

Happiness is the ultimate goal for many people. We all have goals to achieve for various reasons. When it comes to our biggest wants and desires, happiness is more than often the ultimate goal. For example, why would you want to be healthy, wealthy, beautiful, travel the world, pursue passions, or have a certain position? Those are all different goals yet they can all lead to happiness. Many of the things we want are based on the way we want to feel. We believe that certain things will make us feel good. That is why we want them. Truthfully, we might not even feel happy when we get them.

There are exceptions. There are things that we do because of our morals and values. You may do something because you believe it’s right. Sometimes, we act out of fear or other reasons. There are decisions we make as adults that we do not like. However, wisdom teaches us not to allow our feelings to control us. The heart can be deceptive. What we feel may not be beneficial.

It is important to determine why we do what we do, so we can use our time wisely and live a purposeful life. Even though a choice might make you happy temporarily, it can lead to unhappiness in the future. A bad relationship is a good example of this. Let's explore 5 ways to be happy.

1. Make a list of what makes you happy and why As I mentioned before, often times we want something for the sole purpose of being happy. However, our wants are not always beneficial in the end. You can end up in a terrible situation. If your goal is happiness, evaluate the whys in your life. You will save yourself problems in the long run. 2. Be okay with not always being happy I know this sounds contrary to the entire message but I can assure you it’s not. First off, not a single person on the planet is happy all of the time. It’s ludicrous to think so. You are human. You will experience different emotions. Sure, we all want to feel good all the time. But it’s not normal. If you do not understand this, you will think there's something wrong with you. As a result, you will feel unhappy. This is not an excuse to be a negative nancy. Strive for happiness but also learn to be okay with feeling different emotions. They will not kill you. 3. Learn to be content before you meet your goals Remember that no one is happy all of the time. But you can learn to be happier, neutral, and patient no matter what season you are in. How you feel is based on how you think. Choose to be thankful wherever you are. It might not be your ideal situation but there is always something to appreciate. God is good all the time. 4. Stop blaming circumstances and people There are people and situations who can make life harder. Life will not always be good. But at some point, you have to take responsibility for the way you feel. Sometimes, the solution is to remove yourself from a situation but not always. If you are unhappy in one place, chances are you will be unhappy in another. Figure out exactly what you are unhappy about. You cannot control everything. However, you can control the way you feel. If you struggle with this, consider counseling or coaching.

5. Make yourself a priority You have the power to feel happier. The more you pay attention to yourself, the better you can meet your specific needs. Caring for yourself, paying attention to your mind, body, and spirit is essential. Before you begin your pursuit of happiness, do a self-assessment. Sometimes, what you are pursuing is already inside of you. How is your prayer life? What’s your workout regimen? Are your thoughts and emotions a hot mess? Stop and pay attention. Many issues can be resolved before you leave your house every day.

Ultimately, happiness is about perspective and choices. If you want to be happy, you have to think differently. To think differently, you have to train your mind. Your big dreams, goals, and happiness are important. "Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4)." Renew your mind daily with the Word of God, so you can think differently. And implement the tools above to start your journey to a happier life.


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