Design Your Life For Success

You can be amazing in the upcoming year! You can walk into the fullness that God desires for you. Your dreams can come true? No more feeling stuck knowing that God has a major call on your life if you only knew how to get there. You want bigger and better in the new year. You’re ready for a complete transformation. What does it take to design your life for success?

Making God the center of everything

God is your source and he loves you. He designed you to be great. He wants you to be about that Kingdom Business. To be everything that he has called you to be, make him your top priority. Spend time with him first, learn to pray more, stay in the Word of God, give him your time, and you will see benefits of that.

A clear understanding of who you are

Identity is super important in your life when it comes to success. Who are you when other people aren’t validating you? What happens when you make major mistakes or fail? What do you believe about yourself? In life, relationships, positions, and circumstances will change. But you are in Jesus Christ will remain the same. You are loved, you are accepted, you are valuable, you are chosen, you are forgiven and so much more. You are not a failure, you are not your mistakes, and you are not your past. Once you understand this you will be on your way.

Loving yourself first

You cannot give to others what you don’t have. Although you have a desire to use your gifts and love with the world, you will struggle, if you don’t love yourself. You’re going to feel terrible inside. Your behavior is going to be determined by the way you feel. The way you love yourself will either push you forward or keep you stuck. Learn to love yourself because God first loved you.

Embracing your unique beauty

You are beautiful! You need to know that you are beautiful inside and out. We live in a shallow world that tries to force narrow standards of beauty on us. If you’re not careful, you will feel like you can’t measure up, and lose hope. God created you to be just the way you are.

Emotion and thought management

I could go on and on about the amount of remarkably gifted people who are not living their dream because they cannot govern their emotions. It’s unfortunate to watch people suffer in this area. But as a life coach, it’s a blessing to help assist them with this. God is able and he has given me tools to share with the world. I’ve got jewels, and I am eager to share them with you. Be encouraged.

Caring for yourself

You are important. You were created to be successful. Take care of yourself, so you can be fully equipped to live your dreams. Spend time with God, rest, free your mind, and do activities that you enjoy. If you struggle with this, it will be apparent. You will sacrifice your time, body, and peace. Sit back and relax sometimes. You've labored, now enjoy yourself.

Forming the right relationships

Even if someone is called to greatness, they will never get there without the right people in their corner. God releases many blessings horizontally, and you need to be in those relationships to receive them. You need prayer partner, accountability, mentoring, leadership, words of wisdom, encouragement, direction, and a shoulder to lean on.

Working your faith

“..Faith without works is dead...” You can read more about that on the Book of James. If you are believing God for your success and for your miracle, the actions you take should align with your beliefs. God has given you a vision. You need to create a plan of action and step out on faith.

These things combined are going to help you be all that you were designed to be. Contrary to what has happened in the past, you weren't called to be average. You were called to be great! Your only issue is the fact that you didn’t have the knowledge. The Bible says “ My people will perish for a lack of knowledge. This not a season to perish. This is a season to thrive. You will be successful. You have another opportunity to design your life for success. Take full advantage of it. Registration for the Design Your Life for Success Master Class 2019 is now open. Click the shop page on for more information.

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