Ten Ways to Discover Your Purpose

What are the things I was created to do? Where do I start? Everyone on the planet has asked these questions at some point in their life? We see people doing great things and we want to be great too. The truth is we can all walk in our greatness if we focus on the unique calling on our lives. There are several ways to help you identify your purpose. Let's explore a some of those.

1.Embrace your uniqueness

This is where your power lies. God created you in a unique way. There will never another person exactly like you. That is great news. You can change the world based on your distinct make-up. Someone will be blessed by what you bring to the table. Your background, experiences, gifts, biology, looks, talents and abilities make you one of a kind.

2. Stop comparing yourself

For some reason, this one seems to be the hardest for many people. We look at someone else and we try to mimic their success. Looking at other people for a framework, inspiration or clarity is a good thing. However, trying to copy them isn’t. If you compare yourself to other people, you will always disempower yourself.

3.Take Note of your Gifts & Talents

What are you innately good at? There is something that you do well. Jot down all the jobs that you have done in your life. Notice what you did well at those jobs. Maybe you have always worked well with people. You may have had these strengths as a child.

What are your gifts? When you are gifted in a particular area, there is an ease when you do it. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to hone that gift. It means there is a seed that you need to cultivate. If you’re a good teacher, people probably respond well to what you teach. If they grasp the information well, this is a sign. Your gifts you should give your energy. They should not drain you. But if you’re not well-rested anything well drain you, so be mindful of that.

4. Be Honest about your Weaknesses

What are your weaknesses? I always say, no one is good at everything but everyone is good at something. If math was never your thing, why would you strive to become a math professor? Sure, you should try to do well in a math class, but it’s most likely not going to be your career.

5. Identify are your passions?

When you are designed for something, you will enjoy it. It makes you feel alive. What causes are you passionate about? Do you feel compassion for a particular group of people? Does any issue sadden or bother you? What would you do for free? These factors will help guide you.

6. Redefine success

Often times, people miss their blessings because their metric for success is based on someone else’s standards. What does success mean to you? Your journey is going to look different from other people’s journeys. If you’re not careful, you may think that you’ve failed when you have not.

7.Be aware of fearful thoughts

If fear was not a factor, what would you do? You might already know what your purpose is but you talk yourself out of it because you are scared. You need to regulate those thoughts.

8.Get a life coach

A good coach can help narrow your focus and ask you the right questions to help you clarify your direction. This is what we do best. Contact me today for a consultation.

9. Stop looking for popularity

Your purpose does not have to make you popular. If everyone was popular, popularity wouldn’t be a thing. What God created you to do may not require you to be on big stages.

10. Build your confidence

Sometimes, you can’t identify your purpose because you feel defeated. If you don’t believe in yourself. You will be blinded by thoughts and feelings of failure. You can’t think clearly under those circumstances.

Collectively, all of these things can help lead you to your purpose. Your purpose is unique to you although you will see people with similar mantles and journeys. Remember, God has a special call on your life.

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