5 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Your Self-confidence

Self-confidence is connected to many aspects of our lives. It impacts our feelings, actions, goals, and relationships. Building confidence that lasts can take days, months, and even years. In that case, what do you do if you cannot wait? You may have to speak at a work-related event with minimal notice. Your longtime crush could ask you on a lunch date, or you could get an unexpected opportunity to interview for a great company? There are various reasons why you might need to boost your self-confidence quickly. Let’s explore five viable ways to boost your confidence on a short notice.

1) Recite a Relevant Bible Verse

Romans 8:37 says, “I am more than a conquer.” Scriptures like that have the power to boost your confidence because they help remind you of your identity. Say them to yourself boldly and speak them into the atmosphere.

2) Change the Thought

Anytime you are questioning your worth, something that you are saying to yourself is not serving you. Identify the specific thought so that you can replace it. If you tell yourself, “I am not qualified,” then things will not go well, and you will show up halfheartedly. Instead, tell yourself, “If God is for me, who can be against me?” Romans 8:31.

3) Turn on a Quick Motivational Speech

No matter where you are on your journey, words have power. Some people have a way with words that will make opportunities seem limitless. Listen to a quick video from your favorite motivational speaker for inspirational words and encouragement.

4) Remember What You Bring to the Table

Sometimes, when we are nervous, it seems like we get temporary amnesia and forget about our qualifications. That is unfortunate because we are unique and have so much to offer. Keep a handy list of your strengths and pull them out for a quick reminder.

5) Put on Your Favorite Outfit

This is more relevant than you might think. We all have an outfit that we love to wear because we know we look amazing in it. In order to feel your very best, you need to feel comfortable in your clothes. This will help you to feel comfortable in your skin.

Putting It All Together

One thing that we know for sure is that we are going to need self-confidence to thrive. There will be times when we need outside help from life coaches, ministry leaders, and mental health professionals. On other occasions, we can simply assess ourselves and utilize the quick and easy boosters that are listed above. Either way, you have the power to be confident.

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