The word self-care is such a buzzword these days. We hear it so much that we become desensitized to it’s true meaning. We all know that we need to practice self-care, but how often do we proactively care for ourselves? For most of us, it is rare. We usually become intentional about our self-care, after our circumstances force us to make a change. At that point, we are either physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually exhausted. And shortly after our negligence takes its toll, we decide that we need a vacation. I want to offer some preventive solutions to that problem.

1. Stop viewing self-care as a luxury It is not something that you reward yourself with after you have overworked all week. It is what you need to do every day to avoid being overworked. An extra slice of pie is a reward. Self-care is not.

2. Be aware of your thoughts Your thoughts control your feelings. Your feelings control your actions. If you are not aware of your thoughts, they will run your life. Which can translate into uncontrollable emotions, failed goals, discomfort in relationships, and more unwanted results. This is the part of self-care that often gets overlooked.

3. Help yourself before helping other people I know what you are thinking! People need help, and helping them is the right thing to do. Overall, I agree with you. However, if you are trying to help someone while you are completely exhausted, you are doing your mind, and body a disservice. Not to mention, your help will not last long. In that case, you are not the best candidate for the position. That does not make you self-fish, it makes you rational.

4. Make self-care your priority Often times, we are selective with our self-care measures. For instance, we go to the dentist every six months to prevent cavities, and we wash our face day and night because we want to care for our skin. Yet, when it comes to inner healing, rest, and exercise we do not always do regular maintenance. However, if you skimp on these you will regret it later.

5. Spend time with God before you do anything else How wonderful is it to know that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent? Knowing that, you would think that we would connect with him before we go about our day or make important decisions. Sadly, knowing that God is so incredible can be the reason why we take him for granted. And here's why: Anytime we know people are in our lives to stay, we tend to become very comfortable with those relationships. As a result, our relationships can lack effort. Because we are no longer intentional about how we relate to the person. I want to urge you not to become complacent in any of your relationships, especially your relationship with God. When we fail to devote our time to him, it only leads to confusion and misery.

Wrapping it up

When it comes to your holistic self-care, the time is now! Waiting only makes things harder. You are going to have to care for yourself either way. If you think about it, it is a lot easier when you do it regularly. Ultimately, we really do not decide whether we are going to practice self-care or not, we just decide when we are going to do it. If you do not take initiative, your body will demand it, your mind will demand it, or your peace will demand it. So move some things around on your calendar, and remove others. Write everything down so you can be deliberate about doing your best, feeling your best, being your best, and helping others.

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